Inspired by the vintage under-things worn by the starlets of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dirty Dolls Lingerie is bringing glamour back into the everyday.

Dirty Dolls Lingerie was founded in November of 2008 by Courtney Leigh Newman and Erica Rosalind Paul, two veteran fashion designers known to their loyal customers simply as “The Dolls.” The company’s core mission is to provide gorgeous, perfectly fitted brassieres, panties, and shapers to women who wear hard-to-find sizes. The Dolls themselves are among the millions of ladies who’ve long been frustrated by the absence of great brassieres available to those blessed with sexy curves. After years of being forced to buy dull bras simply because they had beautiful bosoms, The Dolls decided to take matters into their own hands.

Turning this vision into a reality took several years. The owners held down day jobs for much of that time, so they held countless late-night meetings at the Moonstruck Diner on W. 23rd Street. They would stay there until the wee hours, crunching their projected numbers and designing fabulous lingerie. On weekends they would run all over the city, fitting prototype bras onto anyone who was willing. Finally, the founding Dirty Dolls were ready to set off on their quest to fit all women with exquisite lingerie, and to educate them in the importance of wearing supportive, yet coquettish under-things!