Bra Sizing

How to Determine Your Correct Bra Size

The most important factor in determining your correct bra size is ensuring that you are wearing the correct band size. Remember, your band does most of the work in supporting your beautiful bosoms!

The most common fit mistake that women make is wearing a bra in which the band is too large and the cup is too small. You can easily avoid this pitfall by following our DD fit advice.

Step 1 – Band Size
The Dirty Dolls suggest that you take 2 different measurements in order to determine your proper band size. There is no exact science to this, since everyone has their own unique shape, so it is necessary to try on various sizes and styles before determining your best possible bra. Remember, the style and make of a bra play a big role in how it fits.

1. Measure your upper chest, right under your armpits. The tape measure should be even around the circumference of your body. Make sure that it is not drooping in the back. Take this number and discard any fraction. Example 1: If your measurement is 32.25”, then 32” would be a possible band size for you. Example 2: If your measurement is 33.5”, you would round to the nearest even number. In this case, 34” would be a possible band size for you.

2. Measure your rib cage, under your busts. Again, make sure the tape measure is even. Take this number and discard any fraction, as you did above. Example 1: If your measurement is 30.5”, you may want to try a 30” band as well as a 32” band.

With any luck, both of your measurements are the same, and you now know what band size you should be wearing. If, however, these two measurements are different (which is generally the case), you will want to try bras in both of these band sizes to determine which one provides the most support and comfort.

Step 2 – Cup Size

Most bra manufacturers will tell you to take your bust measurement (the circumference measurement around the fullest part of your breast). Remember, those tape measures need to be even! Then, subtract the upper chest measurement—that is, the first measurement you took in determining your band size from the bust measurement. (Do not discard the fractions for this.)

Ideally, the difference between these two measurements should dictate your cup size. Alas, The Dirty Dolls have found this to be a bit unreliable—the method works for some women, but certainly not all. See below for what this measurement may mean for your cup size.

Round the difference up from any fraction. So, if the difference was 2.25”, you would round to 3”.

A cup = 1” difference
B cup = 2” difference
C cup = 3” difference
D cup = 4” difference
DD cup = 5” difference
DDD cup = 6” difference
G cup = 7” difference