Lingerie Care

Caring for your DDs
The longevity of your beautiful DD lingerie is contingent upon how you care for it. We Dirty Dolls always opt to hand wash our underthings in cool water, and either hang them or lie them flat to dry. We highly recommend that you follow our good example, and that you use a light detergent when you are hand washing. Never use bleach when washing your lingerie. Sort your lights from your darks, and please do not wring out your lingerie, as this will ruin the shape.

If you must machine wash your lingerie, we recommend that you use a lingerie bag. These little mesh bags allow soap and water in, but keep your lingerie from being stretched and twisted. Also, make sure that you turn your items inside out before putting them in the machine. Set your machine on the delicate cycle (this means cold water and no harsh spinning), and take them out of the machine to air dry. Never, ever put your lingerie in the dryer, as this can distort the shape.